1# Allan Kaprow

Allan Kaprow interviewed by Antoni Muntadas (excerpt) for the preparation of the video installation Between the Frames: The Forum (1983-1993). The project reveals the artist’s main concerns in his work during the 1980s: the relations between art and society; representation, interpretation and the values of art; and art’s relations with the contemporary phenomena that are popular culture, the media and architecture. It is built around a series of interviews of artists, artist’s agents and other mediators, and is divided into eight chapters: the dealers, the collectors, the galleries, the museums, the docents, the critics, the media, and an epilogue (the artists).

Infinite Conversation offers a sample of 20 minutes from a total of 40 minutes recording in which Kaprow talks about his relationship with the market and the context of art. Complete interview at the Archive and Library of the MACBA Study Centre (www.macba.cat)

The interview will be available until June 20, 2016.

Courtesy: Antoni Muntadas and MACBA Study Centre

Edition: Clàudia del Barrio Gómez.

We would like to thank Andrea Nacach for her support and help.